From multiple spreadsheets to one system

When the business starts it’s owners take the tools they are familiar with. Usually these are notes, spreadsheets, emails and call. That’s the optimal choice in the beginning. But at some point as the company grows and open new branches the old way isn’t working as it used to. Possible options at this point is either adopt some system for processes in the company or develop such system. Our team has helped to write such system from scratch


  • Import/Export data
  • Working flow templates for managers
  • Export research result
  • Mass mailing
  • Search Engine
  • Google API integration
  • Mailchimp API integration
  • Multiple Project Users
  • Table editing

Editable tables

The data is displayed in responsive spreadsheets. It’s possible to edit the data right in the table cell. The system offer a convenient way to control user lists and group respondents by different responses received from them.

Generated Templates

Added Respondents

Adding Respondents and Filtering