Insp iOS App

Insp is a community for Norwegian fashion lovers.


Developed with Swift 4 and CoreData.


  • – the stream is generated individually for each user based on multiple criteria.
  • – FOMO (fear of mission out) concept - users eager to refresh the stream not to miss any interesting updates that may appear anytime.
  • – CoreData.

Technologies used:

Developed with Swift 4 and CoreData.


– interactive API documentation with Swagger.
– automated tests coverage with Postman and Newman.


  • – comments with mentions and tags.
  • – likes and adding posts to wishlist.


  • – in-app notifications.
  • – push notifications.

Member Profile

  • – pulling profile details from Facebook account.
  • – in-built image cropping.
  • – quick signup with Facebook and limitations based on profile data (females only).

Video Stream

– video conversion and processing on server.
– customized video player in the app.

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