Insp Retail Tomorrow

Modern Retail Solution

The goal of this project is to revolutionize online sales, making them easy even for non-tech savvy store managers. Retail Tomorrow is a turn-key solution for stores to run promo campaigns, introduce loyalty programs and keep social media presence on Facebook and Instagram. The app is simple to use and requires minimum time and effort to keep the customers engaged and generate additional sales.

As project evolved we have planned out and implemented a lot of features, including:

  • iOS app for store and brand managers
  • Advanced API integrated with Amazon API Gateway (+ versioning)
  • Integration with multiple 3rd party services: sms providers, social media publishers, Stripe, CDN, Facebook API, etc
  • Functionality for cashiers to save customers info for loyalty programs using web page
  • Lightweight design that can be easily customized for different branding
  • Video processing and image manipulations
  • Simple store pages with different payment and delivery options
  • Multi-language support
  • Advanced performance monitoring, API/website/app autotests